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Drinking Water for Weight Loss

We all know we’re supposed to drink plenty of water every day. It’s good for your skin, and it keeps your internal organs working smoothly. But did you also know that drinking more water can help you lose weight? It’s easier than lifting weights and a whole lot cheaper than purchasing an elliptical machine.

Are You Drinking Enough?

Most people don’t drink enough water, which means they’re usually dehydrated. When the body isn’t getting enough fluids, it does its best to retain water. The water it stores has to go somewhere, so it tends to get packed away where it creates unflattering bulges on your body–kind of like a camel! When you consistently drink more water, your body gets the idea that it doesn’t need to store water. By the way, if you’re worried about running to the bathroom more often, you’ll be pleased to know that this side effect wears off once your body gets accustomed to having all the water it needs.

Burn Calories Drinking Water

Drinking water helps burn more calories, too. Here’s why: The liver is responsible for metabolizing calories in your body, converting it to energy. However, the liver also has the job of assisting overworked kidneys with their job of removing waste from your body. When you don’t drink enough water, the kidneys don’t function as well, which means your liver has to pick up some of the workload. When that happens, your liver can’t devote as much energy to metabolizing. Drinking plenty of water means your kidneys and liver have an easier time doing their respective jobs, which leads to greater weight loss.

Finally, drinking water will encourage you to eat less. Most people are so used to being dehydrated that they mistake signs of thirst with hunger pangs. Instead of getting something to drink, they grab a muffin or a candy bar instead. Drinking water will cut down on snacking. Plus, drinking water before each meal will make you feel more full, which means you won’t eat quite as much.

There are oodles of other health benefits associated with drinking water, too. It can help clear up your skin, tighten your pores, and give you a healthy glow. You’ll also have more energy, and your joints will be well lubricated.

Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Get used to drinking more water, preferably eight to ten 8oz glasses a day. You don’t have to cut diet soda or coffee from your diet altogether; instead, you should commit to drinking two additional glasses of water for every cup of soda or coffee you drink.  And if the taste of water isn’t appealing to you, add some lemon, or try flavored water instead.

And one more thing — always keep a bottle of water with you at all times!

Weight Loss, Age and Your Face

You know that losing weight is a key part to being healthy, and it’s something you do for your overall state of being.  But especially if you’re 40+ years old, the combination of aging and weight loss can take quite a toll on your face.

This is a case where a slow and steady weight loss wins the race, as the skin on your face has more time to adjust to its shrinking dimensions.  But if you have to lose weight faster (like on a medically supervised plan or with weight loss surgery), it can take quite a toll on the skin of your face.

What to do, so your face keeps pace with your body?

First Steps

Now that you are losing weight, what should be your first steps to help turn back (or at least stay) the clock when it comes to your looks?

The absolute first thing is to take an unflinching look at your skin.  As you get older, your skin loses resiliency.  Droops and sags and tiny lines appear.  You might not really like what you see, but it’s important to know the true “state of your face” before you go any farther.

Make a note of what you’d like to improve upon.  It might be dark circles and bags under the eyes; perhaps it’s crow’s feet threatening to become eagle’s talons.  Or (common to most women 40+) getting that hooded eye (where skin from your upper eye droops onto your eyelid).

While you are being critical, also take a moment to note what is good about your face.  Maybe you have a beautiful smile or sparkling eyes.  You need to note what’s good because you’re going to want to accentuate it.

You may be thinking that you don’t have any good features; it’s probably not true, but in the meanwhile, think of what you dislike the least!

What Are the Fastest Ways to Improve Your Looks?

Here’s the real question; how can you look younger while you are losing weight?  Or at least look better?

Go over your list of things you like and things you don’t like.  Let’s take dark circles and puffiness under the eye as an example, because it’s a common problem.

First, the dark circles.  Cosmetics have come a long way since we were in our teens and 20’s, and there are all kinds of fantastic concealers out there to help hide the dark circles….without accentuating any wrinkles in the undereye area.  It’s knowing what to look for in cosmetics, and how to use them.

Bags under the eyes — once again, all kinds of goodies out there to help diminish or even get rid of that excess baggage.  I’m getting ready to try some new products to see if they help.  And while I can’t guarantee that if they work on me they will work on you, it’s a place to start.  I’ll put a link when the testing is underway.

Oh, and speaking of the bags and puffiness around the eyes — you are drinking all your water every day, aren’t you?  If you’re retaining water, it will show up in your face as well as the rest of your body.

Accentuate the Positive

Let’s not forget to accentuate your positives.  Beautiful smile?  Wear pretty lip glosses or lipstick to bring more attention to your lips and teeth.

Lovely hair?  Make sure it gets a regular trip to the salon for trims (or whatever it is you do that makes it look so pretty).

Are people always complimenting your eye color?  A coat or two of mascara can work wonders for bringing them out even more, along with curling the lashes.

The point is this; don’t wait until you are finished losing weight to give yourself a makeover or try new products for turning back the clock for your skin tone.  Start now, and you’ll look even better when you make it to your weight loss goal!

(And yes, I will be posting some tips and techniques, since I probably have a lot of the same problems you do.)