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Weight Loss Diet – Week 2

Although week 1 on my weight loss diet was quite successful, I thought week 2 of my weight loss diet was going to be a bit tough, seeing as it was my birthday week.  And boy was it ever!  Here’s the scoop on week 2 of my diet.

Travelin’ Gal

I took a few days off of work, so David and I took some day trips.  What I didn’t expect is that we would be gone for breakfast, lunch and dinner those days!  Ever tried to eat 3 meals out at restaurants and stay on a diet?  I did try to stick with the proper foods as much as possible, but I was fighting a losing battle!

When I do go on day trips in the car, I try to drink as little as possible, so as not to have to keep stopping every hour to find a restroom.  That, of course, is terrible for any weight loss diet.

Exercise, Where Art Thou?

Naturally, with all the time in the car, I didn’t get much exercise, except for one day.  We traveled up to Blue Spring State Park, as well as Wekiwa Springs State Park, both north of Orlando, Florida.

We were primarily scouting out places where we could put in our kayaks.  Alas, neither park made it very easy — Blue Spring had a long carry, although over fairly level ground.  Wekiwa Springs — oh my!  Down a steep slope, then a fairly long carry.  Nope, not going to try that.

But there was an up side.  I had bought a walking stick, so I was able to walk along the boardwalks without too many stops to ease the aches and pains.  All told, I probably got at least 1.5 miles in, between the two parks.

The down side is because it was hot and humid, I swelled up like a balloon with water retention.  Very uncomfortable.

Weight Loss Diet Week 2

Seeing as I was basically not on the diet at all most of the week and eating out a lot, I wasn’t expecting to lose anything — and was hoping to not have gained!  I was carrying around so much extra water that I put off this post for a day, to let some of it drop off.  And it did — whew!

So, my net was no change in waist or hip measurement.  Actually, I did drop some (like not quite 1/4 inch off each), but it isn’t enough to brag about.  I’ll call it unchanged.

I’m back on track now, so look for a better outcome on my next post, which will be Sunday, October 3.  See you then!