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Quick and Simple Weight Loss Tips

If you’re like many people when you decide you wish to lose weight you would like to lose it fast. When trying to lose weight losing it too fast isn’t always the best approach to go about it, mainly because some of the methods and fad diets used for reducing your weight rapidly can be unhealthy particularly when you’re doing it for any amount of time.

However, there are some proven techniques that can help to speed up weight loss without placing your health at risk:

Consume Lots of Water

Consuming enough water and staying hydrated is an excellent way to burn off more fat, and it’s a great appetite suppressant as well.  Health experts recommend drinking a minimim of 64 ounces of water everyday, but even more than that is safe to drink as long as you don’t overdo it.

Stay Away from Sugar

Processed white cane sugar has a detrimental effect on the human body, namely due to the way it sharply elevates blood glucose levels.  this causes your pancreas to secrete insulin to bring blood sugar back to normal levels, and too much of this yo-yo fluctuation could possibly wreak havoc on one’s body.

There is few things more powerful than getting rid of sugar from your eating habits – that includes fructose, sucrose, glucose, etc..  In case you have a sweet tooth, you will find that fruit is a good substitute, and so is low-glycemic agave nectar.

You don’t necessarily have to quit sweets completely – just choose healthier options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sodium causes you to retain water

Lowering your sodium consumption is another strategy to help you speed up weight loss, basically because eating high amounts of sodium makes you retain excess water weight.  Also some individuals are sensitive to salt, and when those individuals eat too much sodium it can contribute to hypertension and high blood pressure which can result in serious health problems

Depriving One’s Body of Food is Bad for Your Overall Health

People normally believe that decreasing their calories down to next to nothing is a great approach to lose weight quickly, however all it does is kick their systems into self-preservation mode and slow down their fat burning capacity.

A much better strategy is to consume lean, low-calorie healthy foods frequently during the day.  This will keep your metabolic processes running strong, burning fat and losing weight.  Not to mention you’ll be getting much more energy and your craving for food will feel much more satisfied throughout the day.  Also including a moderate amount of heart-healthy monosaturated fats (like those found in olive oil and avacados) will keep you from feeling hungry.

Burning More Calories

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are known for their calorie burning abilities and is effective in developing a calorie deficit.  To get rid of one pound you have to either decrease your calorie intake by 3500 calories, or burn them off through physical activity such as exercise. an effective technique is to do both rather than one to create a calorie deficit.  So, if you reduced your calories by 250 daily (1750 weekly), and worked off 250 calories daily (1750 weekly), you would lose one pound in a week. Which is a healthy and sensible way to lose weight. Your system has a chance to steadily adjust to the changes.

Remember that other factors may come into play as well, some weeks you will lose more weight than other weeks. And the time during the day that you weigh yourself also matters, for example, whether you weigh yourself before or after a meal needs to be consistent.

Fiber Helps to Satisfy Your Hunger

Increasing your dietary fiber consumption is another easy way to help speed up losing weight, for a couple of reasons.  First, eating high-fiber foods helps you feel not as hungry longer so you aren’t tempted to overeat.  Dietary fiber can also be helpful in slowing down the absorption of sugar into your blood stream, which minimizes the impact of high-glycemic foods and minimizes the fluctuations in blood glucose levels.  Lastly, a diet rich in fiber helps “keep things moving” in your intestinal tract so you clean your colon and get rid of waste easier.

Reduce Stress Levels

Last but not least controlling your stress levels better could also allow you to lose weight faster.  Stress increases the cortisol in your body which in turn helps the build up of abdominal fat.  In today’s fast-paced life-style it can be challenging to try and remain completely stress free, but there are ways to help to handle it better so that it won’t wreak havoc on your system.  You can try meditating and performing deep breathing exercises or something like yoga or tai chi which makes you to breath more relaxed. Other kinds of physical activity like walking, jogging, swimming, etc. also tends to be stress busters that will help you to calm down.

Follow these simple weight loss tips, set small realistic weight loss goals which are easily obtainable and you’ll take off the weight before you know it.