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Eating Healthy: Is This is in Your Body?

I saw this video and knew I had to share it with you.  If you’re addicted to fast food restaurants (in this video’s case, McDonald’s), this just might change your mind.

I know, I know — fast food is easy and, well, fast.  Your schedule doesn’t always let you eat properly, or healthy food is hard to find when you need it.

Now I rarely eat at a fast food restaurant — maybe chili at Wendy’s, but long ago I gave up on the Whoppers and such.  I have succumbed, however, to a plain hamburger a couple-three times in the last year.

Not anymore.  Now I’m not a die-hard gotta-be-organic person, although I prefer it when I can get a good price on it.  And I’ve been trying to watch out for HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and the trans-fats and get them out of the house altogether.  I haven’t kept a really close eye on the preservatives as I should have.

I think I will now.  granted, we do need some sort of preservatives in some foods (after all, vitamin E is a preservative, too), but if it’s something more than 15 letters long….maybe it shouldn’t be in my food.

I digress — take a look at this video and then think twice before visiting a fast-food restaurant then next time you’re out and about.