‘does TV make you gain weight’

Watch Less Television, Lose More Weight

Is it really true — watching television can make you gain weight (or at least prevent you from losing weight faster)?

Think about about the obesity epidemic; most of the focus in on what people are eating.  The greasy, sugar-laden, empty-nutrition foods that are easily available in grocery stores and fast-food drive-bys.

But here’s a thought —  bad eating choices aren’t the only reason for America’s obesity problem.  After all, a sedentary lifestyle certainly contributes weight gain.  And guess what —  television is one of the biggest factors in that sedentary lifestyle.

TV and Sitting Still

Did you know that Americans average 5 hours watching TV or playing TV video games per day?  Multiply that by the days per year, and you’re looking at at least 1,825 hours with your eyes glued to a screen.   Sure, there are many other sedentary activities, such as web surfing and reading, but time watching the boob tube is second only to sleeping.

Apart from keeping us snuggled into a chair or on the couch, TV also encourages us to eat more. Don’t believe me?  Next time you’re watching your favorite program, watch those commercials and add up how many of them are about food!

And it gets worse.  People tend to eat  while watching their favorite shows. Popcorn, chocolate, chips — all TV-time favorites.

Can it gets worse?  You know the answer is yes.  Television lulls us into a trance of sorts, where munching becomes a subconscious activity.  Tuning into the TV tunes out the body’s signals that tell us when we’re full.

Get Out of Your Chair, Turn Off the TV

You know that exercise of some sort is vital to a healthy body.  “But I have no time to excercise!” you cry.  But do you have time to watch TV?

The hours you spend in front of the television could better be spent in some other occupation.  Walk the dog, play with your kids, practice yoga — anything that gets your body burning more calories that sitting around.

No, you don’t have to ban TV forevermore — it can be beneficial.  There are documentaries, news reports and just plain fun programs.  But what you do need is to radically cut back your in-a-trance TV time routine.

Here’s an idea — watch TV only after you’ve done your exercise for the day.  Another option is to plunk a treadmill in front of the TV.  Yes, exercising on a treadmill can get tedious after a while, but if watching some TV while walking or jogging helps you stay on the treadmill longer — so be it.

Watch Less Television, Lose More Weight

It might sound like I’m making TV into something to be avoided at all costs.  In reality, there’s nothing wrong with watching some TV, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your weight loss goals.

Cutting back on your TV time, or exercising while you watch television, can lead to a slimmer, trimmer new you!