Is Being Fat Your Fault?

Think for a second — is being fat your fault? Well, in the respect that no one put a gun to your head and forced you to eat a donut (or 10), then yes, being fat is your fault.

But what if there were things that keep the weight on your body that weren’t your fault?

What if things you’ve been told were good for you, actually helped keep fat on your body — instead of taking it off?

In that respect, no, being fat isn’t your fault. And unfortunately, some of the things you do to get/stay healthy are actually undermining your efforts.

The Eternal Cry — Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

OK, I will confess — I gained some weight back (not much, but even 5 pounds is disheartening) and have then been on a plateau for around a year. To say I’m frustrated is putting it mildly, because I still have a lot of weight to lose. And I can’t get there from here.

Let me say that I adore the Jenny Craig and NutriSystem programs — they really, really do work (and I have the NutriBears to prove it). Unfortunately, they are also too expensive for me, and I had to give them up due to the cost. :(

To make matters worse, arthritis is starting to make itself known in my hip and knee joints — which means that I have a real hard time doing many exercises, especially cardio like walking/jogging/ellipticals/etc. That hasn’t helped my quest to lose weight at all.  And my waistline is disappearing again – flab city.

I’m close to needing my fat clothes again, and I don’t want to go back there again.  I know I need to do something.

The problems are: 1) it can’t cost much – $50 is the max I can spend 2) it can’t have me jumping through hoops with tons of exercising — it’s flat out just too painful 3) it has to be healthy.

Is Being Fat Your Fault?

So with my problems in mind, I went cruising the internet, and I found lots of interesting material. And here’s one that really caught me eye, as it talks about:

  • Surprising foods (that you thought were unhealthy) that actually assist the fat-burning process in your body.
  • 3 Foods marketed as “healthy” that actually increase your stomach fat.
  • Workouts that burn belly fat faster than typical cardio.  And in fact, you don’t even have to do traditional cardio (unless of course you want to).

I know that all food is not created equal, and what’s good for you one day might be bad for you the next. But I also know how my body reacts to various foods.

And I flat out know that some foods marketed as being healthy really aren’t (all you have to do is read the ingredient list).

I watched the free video, and got more and more intrigued. Especially with the comments from people over 40 years old (like me).

The price was right; well under $50 as a 1-time fee.  Most (not all, but most) of the exercise seems reasonable, even for me who is mobility-challenged.  Although I’m probably not even up to the “beginner” status — I’ll start at what I can do and work my way up to wherever I can.

And oh yeah — it doesn’t look like my grocery bill will go up any (for which I am thankful).  Don’t know if it will go down, but at least not up.

OK, I’m in. Got the program, read all the way through it.  And it’s something I think I can do and keep up with (I especially liked the “1 cheat day per week” deal, where you are encouraged to eat more — within reason – just don’t go downing a whole pizza).

Click to view the free video.

What’s more, I’ll do all this in front of you (so to speak).

How about this: every week I’ll provide my waist and hip measurements. After a few weeks (once I’ve dropped all the incidental weight that comes off fast at the start), I’ll start posting my weight. I’ll only do this once a week because that’s the truest measure of results — it can fluctuate too much on a daily basis.

Between the two (measurements and poundage), you’ll see what happens.

So — interested in following along with me? If you need to lose weight and inches, and want to do it by eating healthy, on a diet that you can stick to, where you don’t have to spend hours exercising — why not? All you have to lose is weight and inches.

Grab a copy (it’s electronic, so you get it immediately) and follow along.  Let’s do it together.

Just click to view the video. Scroll down below the eggs (you’ll see what I mean) for the presentation and get your copy.

I start on Sunday, September 12, 2010.  But you can join in anytime.  Let’s lose weight, look better and feel better.

Here’s the link to the starting day.

Here’s the link to how I did for week 1.

Here’s the weight loss diet, week 2.

Here’s week 3.