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Losing Weight Tips, Products and Dieting Info

Losing weight tips is one part of your weight loss plan; after all, after the first excitement of finally doing something about your weight passes, tips are what keep you going.  And you’ll find some ideas in the tips for losing weight section.

Dieting Information

There’s dieting information here as well — for example, book reviews of eating plans that promote health, rather than cutting out a food group.  So if you’re getting ready to diet, but aren’t sure which one is best for you, then there are plenty of reviews available — just take a look at the diet and weight loss books section and you’ll find all kinds of info.

Weight Loss DVDs

OK, maybe you hate exercising, or can’t get to a gym, or are maybe ashamed to be seen in workout clothes in public.  I know — been there, done that, have the t-shirt.

What I found useful were weight loss DVDs for exercises.  But before you run away screaming, know that they are not all the same.  For example, Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds series was very useful for getting started (yes, walking in front of the TV, but it’s probably not like you think).

Another was Fat to Firm Fitness Ball for Dummies — looks totally easy, but after I bought it, I realized it gives you a much better workout than you might think — especially through your middle section!  And what I appreciate is that it’s easy on the joints (ah, getting older is such a joy).

Anyway, there are lots of different exercise DVDs — yoga, Pilates, stretching, toning, etc.  You’ll likely find a few that you’d like to try.

Losing Weight Products

So you have a bathroom scale?  Is it an accurate scale?  While I’m a firm believer in not weighing yourself more than once a week, scales can help you judge if you’re going in the right direction.  So consider a digital bathroom scale if you don’t already have one.

There’s also exercise equipment — mostly inexpensive, like fitness balls, resistance bands and the like.  Things that you can easily store away, and even take with you if you’re going away on a business trip.

Losing Weight Feels Great!

No doubt about is, losing weight isn’t easy, but it sure does feel great!  From getting into smaller clothes sizes, to knowing that you look better, to taking pride that you’re doing it.  Not to mention that you feel better with the pounds gone!

So roam around the site, get some ideas, pick up a few DVDs or books, then get out there and shed those pounds.

(And know that I am proud of you as well.)

Dealing With Weight Loss Setbacks

Weight loss setbacks plague pretty much anyone and everyone who tries to lose weight.  It’s something you need to deal with…but not beat yourself up over.

What kinds of setbacks might you expect, and what can you do about them?  Let’s take a look and see.

Dedication for the Long Run

Sometimes your dedication falters and you might eat or drink things that are “off the diet”.  Stop!  Don’t use it as an excuse to go hog-wild (so to speak) and abandon your weight loss plan!

It’s important to not let small setbacks get in the way of your overall weight loss goal.  Don’t give up on sensible eating and exercise, just because you ate pizza and drank some beer one night.

Cut yourself some slack, dust yourself off and get back on track.

Life – It Can Get in the Way

Life does have a tendency to throw our carefully-laid plans into disarray.  You plan your meals out for the week and somehow, it just doesn’t work out every day.  Something happens and throws you for a loop.

Maybe you’ve had a bad day at work, or had an argument with your spouse/significant other.  You get stuck in traffic and are starving!  That fast-food drive through is looking awfully good…

…if that drive-thru calls and you answer, just remember — make the best possible choices and skip the fries.

Weight Loss Setbacks Happen

Maybe in the past, you’ve thrown in the towel on dieting when you hit the first obstacle.  “Weight loss just isn’t for me!” you might exclaim.  But you’d be wrong!

Accept the fact that there will be momentary lapses.  After all, you’re only human.  Just don’t let the weight loss setbacks derail your dieting effort for good.

Getting “back on the wagon”?  It’s as close as your next meal.