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The Trials and Taste of Loose Leaf Green Tea

I was most amused by my first encounter with loose leaf green tea.  The only tea I had ever made was in a teabag, so when I opened my order of the "real thing" I eyed it with uncertainty.

OK, so I have the loose leaf tea and I have a tea ball.  I stuffed the tea ball full, boiled up some water, poured it in a cup and dunked the ball.  (Sounds like some sort of weird NBA game, doesn’t it?)

Now I should have known that the tea leaves would unfurl and expand when put into the hot water, but did I take that into consideration when I stuffed that tea ball full of the leaf?  (If you guessed, "no", you guessed right.)

So, one tea ball ready to explode and some very strong green tea were awaiting me.  I sipped with trepidation, then smiled.  I like!

Since that first venture, I’ve made many other cups using loose lead green tea, and fortunately I’ve gotten better at it.  I have to say that it is better than the tea bags (although some bags are quite good), with a subtle taste and aroma not in the grocery-store offerings.

If you’d like to try some excellent-quality loose leaf green tea from China, check out www.amazing-green-tea.com — Julian will take good care of you, and the teas are wonderful.  This is where I get my own loose leaf.  (Tell Julian that Gail says "hi!".)

Or, you can just check my website and learn more about green tea and losing weight.