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Walking to Lose Weight – 3 Reasons to Try It

Walking to lose weight isn’t a new idea; after all, walking is one of the least expensive exercises around.  But far too many people dismiss losing weight with walking as “not really being exercise”.  Jogging is exercise, they think; walking is just, well, walking.

If you feel the same way, and you happen to either hate jogging or your knees can’t take the strain, here’s some good news — you can walk away the pounds!

Reason 1:  Walking is Low Impact

I’ve already mentioned jogging as an exercise that is not terribly low impact, and can put a strain on the joints.  Working out with weights from a standing position can take a toll, as can many dance routines.  So if your joints aren’t in the best of shape (or if you want to keep them in good shape), walking is a great way to get exercise – very low impact.

Reason 2:  You Can Walk Anywhere

When the weather is nice, you can walk outdoors.  If it’s too hot or too cold, mall walking is an option.

What if you’re on a business trip and don’t know the neighborhood very well, or how safe it might be?  You can walk around the hotel.  Not to mention a lot of hotels catering to business travelers have a treadmill available for guests.

You can even walk at home!  There’s a great series of DVDs by Leslie Sansone called “Walk Away the Pounds” and they are very good (I have several of the DVDs myself).  Yep, just walking in front of the TV, and you’d be extremely surprised at the workout you get!

Reason 3:  Walking is Versatile

You can vary your walking to be anything from a stroll to a heart-pumping workout.  You can walk on level ground or up and down hills.  On concrete, in the woods or on the beach.  Each style of walking brings its own benefits.

And yes, to get an aerobic workout you need to get your heart rate up.  But don’t discount a mildly brisk walk that can do double-duty as a way to burn calories and de-stress.  Each style of walking serves a different purpose.

Walking to Lose Weight

So now you know three reasons for walking to lose weight.  You don’t need any particular skill to do it, and the only equipment needed is a comfortable pair of walking shoes.  And while you can utilize a treadmill (if you have the money and space), it’s not needed.

Rain or shine, day or night, you can lose weight walking.  Isn’t it time you tried?

Best Exercise for Weight Loss

What is the best exercise for weight loss?  It seems that everybody has an opinion on which one it is.  Naturally, any exercise is good for you and can help you slim and tone your body — a good thing!

However, some exercises are more useful than others; meaning that they will show results faster.  What are these exercises to lose weight?

Strength Training

You may want to include  strength training as one of the tips in your battle to lose weight.

Strength training is just about building muscles.  Guys, this may mean getting ripped.  Ladies, this may mean just getting sleek (and looking great in that little black dress).

You can join a gym, buy exercise equipment or simply use resistance bands to build and tone your muscles.  What you choose depends on your ultimate goals and what your pocketbook will allow.

Strength training helps to lose weight by increasing your muscles, which turns around and boosts your metabolism.  With a boosted metabolism, you use more calories even when you’re sleeping!

Aerobic Exercise

Of course aerobic exercise also belongs in your exercise “diet”.  Aerobic activity uses up calories faster than does strength training, although may or may not boost your base metabolism (depends on what aerobic exercise you are doing).

Jogging and bicycle riding are obviosly two of the more popular aerobic activities.  Others include swimming, walking, formal classes, elliptical equipment and more.

Some more unique aerobic exercises can be found on DVDs, and include hula dancing, belly dancing, ball routines and a host of others; let your imagination guide you!

Best Exercise for Weight Loss

In reality, the best exercise for weight loss involves combining the two methods — do some strength training to raise your metabolism, and some aerobics to burn calories fast.

Pick the mix that’s right for you, as well as the exercises that appeal to you most.  And enjoy a trimmer body!