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What is Binge Eating?

A lot of people ask, “What is binge eating?” wondering if they may possibly be a victim of this not-often-discussed eating disorder.

Well, according to WikiPedia, you can have a binge eating episode, without actually suffering from the disorder, as seen on this page.

So technically, binge eating is uncontrolled overeating.  It can be small, like when you decide to eat half a candy bar, but eat it all instead.  Or it can be large like eating several fast-food value meals, one right after the other.  It’s the inability to stop eating, no matter if the amount is large or small.

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

I mentioned that you can have a binge eating episode without actually suffering from the full disorder.  And really, who hasn’t had it happen before?  Thanksgiving dinner is an excellent example; the vast majority of us eat far too much, then shuffle off to the couch, groaning in discomfort.

The disorder itself (which I think deserves a post of its own) is characterized more by how compelled you are to overeat.  In other words, is it something that periodically happens and you feel you have no control when it does?

The disorder is also characterized by frequency.  Once or twice a year at holidays is one thing.  One or more times a month could be something else.

In my next post, I’ll cover common signs of the disorder, as well as some binge eating facts.  Meanwhile you now know the answer to, “what is binge eating?”.  It’s when you just don’t have control.