Why Weight Loss is Like a Supermarket

You know that weight loss begins when you make the commitment to lose weight.  But the next step is exactly what plan do you have for losing that weight?  For example, will you be using a structured plan that lists out your meals in advance?  Or is your plan to make small changes in your diet in order to drop the weight with a minimum of change to your daily schedule?

The decisions you make can help to keep you on the road to weight loss…or derail that losing weight train!

Here is “food for thought” to digest before you select your next diet plan, whatever it may be.

What You Don’t Think About Can Make You Gain Weight

But what is odd is that so many people treat weight loss like a supermarket, that is to say they want the same things from a weight loss regime that they want from a supermarket.  Cheap, convenient and comfortable.  They want what they know.

That is an amazing thought when you consider it properly, but one very indicative of human behavior – the want to get maximum results from little to no effort is something that has been around a long time, and has increased as time has gone on.

People want answers they know, answers that make them feel they are on the right path.  They want to know that a small change, like going from semi-skimmed to skimmed milk, or regular to diet coke, is going to make a big difference.  They know this is true because it ‘feels’ true.

Do Small Changes Mean a Big Commitment?

If you want to lose weight, and I mean really lose weight, not just a pound or three from walking up the stairs or changing your soda type, then you need to make changes.  To achieve real weight loss results, it’s more than just changing your “supermarket brands”.  You are what you weight for a reason – and those reasons need to be addressed.

No matter how much people want to lose weight they want it to have as little impact on their life, on their daily routine as possible.  We know that as humans we suffer change badly – we don’t like missing our favorite TV shows, never mind making huge changes.

It may not be easy, it may not be convenient, it may not even be cheap (though usually you can find budget options) but then your health and your weight aren’t a supermarket – they need more attention and more effort than that.

The Secret to Weight Loss That Works

OK, weight loss isn’t easy for any of us — it it were, no one would be overweight.  And you can lose weight, lots of it, by making small changes to your daily diet…but you’ll need to make lots of small changes (even if you implement those changes over the course of a month or so) to lose lots of weight.

The secret to weight loss that works is understanding why you eat the way you do, and deciding to make the changes you need in order to lose the weight.  Then actually doing it!

Is weight loss like a supermarket?  It is, if you take the time to shop for the best foods for your diet plan, rather than just head straight for the convenience foods.  Just as reading labels at the store takes time, so will your weight loss.

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