Weight Loss Diet – Week 1

It’s the end of week 1 of my weight loss diet.  How did I do?  You’re about to find out!

I got off to a really, really rocky start when hubby wanted pizza for dinner on day one.  Argh!  But I am allowed one “cheat day” per week, so I figured I’d use it for dinner.  And I was really very good — I only had half the slices I normally would have, so I was (and still am) proud of myself.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t really hungry for most of the week.  I splurged on Friday and got some Greek yogurt for breakfast, added some sliced almonds and yum!  I wish I could eat it every day, but darn, the stuff is a little too expensive.  But I sure do plan on enjoying it weekly.

I did have a little run-in with hunger on Saturday, but an apple and a few almonds handled that nicely.

What About Exercise?

Yep, mobility challenged so I can’t say that I got anything in the way of exercise, but I did try to walk around the yard a bit more (and given that my yard is an acre, it’s something of a stroll).

It’s still really, really hot and humid, though, so it will be a little while before I can try to clear out the garden for the fall and winter — that will take me a couple-three weekends to do that, but it’s indeed exercise.

Broke out the resistance bands late in the week, but didn’t work with them enough to make a difference (as far as exercise goes).  I’ll do more this coming week.

What Are the Results?

I’m guessing you want to know how week 1 ended up for me, as far as my weight loss efforts, right?   Well then, here you go:

Waist: 38″

Hips: 50″

Not all that bad I’d say — 1″ off my waist and 1.5″ off my hips.  (And if you’re interested, 4 lbs gone.)  Granted, at least half was water weight, but better off my body than on it!

No, it’s not anything stunning or jaw-dropping, but considering I didn’t exercise nor was I hungry (expect for a couple of hours one day) and I got to eat pizza for dinner one night…I think I did OK.

The whole point is to change my way of living, not to live the rest of my life eating sprouts and drinking water in periodic dieting frenzies.

Plans for the Coming Week

I was going to “tighten up” my food intake this week, but since it’s my birthday week (which means dinner out, some cake, etc.), I think I’ll try to concentrate more on trying to exercise instead.

You know, one thing about this diet is that I have become more of a label-reader than previously.  I mean, I always knew to avoid HFCS and trans-fats, but now I’m looking at other things, like how much soy is in processed foods — which is, if you’ll read the ebook, really bad for anyone who wants to lose weight around your belly!  Between soybean oil and soy isolates, there’s a whole lot of foods that I plan to avoid.

Oh, and trying to see if I can find some coconut oil this week — great for promoting fat loss.  The problem is that the local grocery stores don’t carry it, so I have to go on a hunt for some health food stores.  If not…there’s always the internet!

Still time to join me, if you like — click for the diet plan I am using.

See you again next week!

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