Weight Loss — Starting Day

Today is my weight loss starting day.  It’s where I start eating healthier and do what exercise I can (I am somewhat mobility-challenged).

It’s the day I start my last weight loss plan that I’ll ever need, and finally get to the weight I want.

How Long (Has This Been Going On)?

I’ve been overweight about half of my adult life.  I’ve been obese about half that time.  So it’s not like I’ve put all this on overnight.

I did lose around 70 pounds, about a year and a half ago.  Unfortunately, some (by not nearly all, thank goodness) has found its way back to me.  So I’m at the point now where I still need to lose 100 pounds, give or take a few.

So, I know it’s not going to come falling off all at once.  It’ll likely take me at least a year, if not more, to lose all this.  But better that it take a year to take it all off, rather than a year later be where I am now…or worse!

So, if you’re going to follow me along, you’re looking at at least 52 blog posts.  :)  But know one thing — if I can do this, you probably can too.

While I might talk about losing weight more than once a week, I won’t post weight or measurement more than once a week.  Why not?  Because my weight can fluctuate day to day, and the truest measure is to follow a weekly trend.

Tools of the Trade

I’m starting off with my trusty balance ball and a few weight/resistance items.  I have a few resistance bands, as well as some hand weights.  Other than that, no other exercise equipment.  And no gym membership, either.

OK, I really do have a couple of DVDs that I plan to get out and dust off — Fat to Firm Fitness Ball for Dummies and Funcercise Resistance Band workout.  Don’t know that I’ll actually be able to get my Walk Away the Pounds DVDs; we’ll see how that goes, once I’ve dropped some weight, if my arthritis will let me.

What’s for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner?

I’m following the eating plan in the Truth About Abs program.  Why?  Well, it’s healthy for one.  Two, it’s something I think I can stay on long-term (i.e. for life).  Three, it just makes sense.  No cutting out any food group, no strange foods, no extra supplements needed.

Oh yeah, and one cheat day per week.  That appeals to me, as you might imagine.

I’m not going to follow the exercise portion of the program just yet — but surprisingly, my balance ball and hand weights are recommended tools.  That’s why I am dusting off the DVDs, and will look closer at the exercises in the program later, once I can see how my body reacts.  (But I really got the program for the diet part — to me, the workout routines are excellent extras, but it might be awhile before I focus on them.)

Ready?  Set?  Measurement Time!

Yep, time to face the music with my measurements.  Remember, no pounds for the first couple of weeks, as the first couple of weeks on a diet are kind of misleading — drop a lot of weight at first, then level off.  But my hip and waist measurements will be here for the world to see once a week.

September 12, 2010 Measurements (starting day)

Waist:  39″

Hips:  51.5″

Yikes!  Both of these were worse than I thought.

No, no photos yet.  I have some, I just want to look a little trimmer (courtesy of the diet and balance ball exercises) before I start showing the “before” and “during”.  The vanity in me, I suppose.

Catch up with you again next week!

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