Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home – 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk

Ls: 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk

Ls: 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk Are you ready to sweat? Then let Leslie show you how to "walk like a runner" in this exhilarating multi- muscle cardio and fat-blasting walk. With our classic, no frills, easy to follow Walk At Home steps along with Leslie's infectious enthusiasm and energy, you can walk 5 miles and never leave your house. High energy music keeps your pace at 12 minutes for each of the 5 miles. Customize your walk by mixing and matching the miles to create your own personal workout for pure fat burning fun. You can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 miles! This walk is so effective it will crank up your metabolism and enable you to take on your busy day with enthusiasm. So come on...put a smile on your face and have a blast with this ultimate, heart pumping, high energy experience!

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Exercise DVDs & Books Ls: 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk Are you ready to sweat? Then let Leslie show you how to "walk like a runner" in this exhilarating multi- muscle cardio and fat-blasting walk. With our classic, no frills, easy to follow Walk At Home steps along with Leslie's infectious enthusiasm and energy, you can walk 5 miles and never leave your house. High energy music keeps your pace at 12 minutes for each of the 5 miles. Customize your walk by mixing and matching the miles to create your own personal workout for pure fat burning fun. You can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 miles! This walk is so effective it will crank up your metabolism and enable you to take on your busy day with enthusiasm. So come on...put a smile on your face and have a blast with this ultimate, heart pumping, high energy experience! $14.98 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51cBsOAjHxL._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home – 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk”

  • Gayle Barr:


    I use to have to walk 3 miles to work, and 3 miles back. Walking back was up hill all the way. This is so very much the workout as walking that 6. You really feel the calories melt away. You feel renewed physically and very energetic. I have seen so many of my friends walk 3 miles a day and loose 40-60 lbs, just by walking. Walk is the way to loose weight and stay in great shape. We have lost the art of walking everywhere since cars came about. My daughter and I love this dvd.

  • donna addison:


    Let it be known I am a huge Leslie Sansone fan, so my bias will surely be showing. I own a dozen of her workouts and put this one toward the top of the pile. The best part is that the DVD allows you to pick how many miles you want to do and you don’t have complicated navigation to do it. Her script remains relatively the same as most of her workouts, but it’s still enjoyable, the music is great and Leslie is as motivating as ever. You can squeeze in a 5 mile walk in an hour–not too shabby. I enjoy the boost at the end of each mile. I miss using hand weights, belt and stretchie as employed in other workouts–this one is all walking, no gimmicks. I used hand weights & my stretchie on my own during a few of the miles to add a bit of variety. I could do without the little odometer in the lower left hand corner–it’s not giving any real data, anyways…but, that’s a minor point. It’s nice to have another workout to keep the motivation going. Thank you, Leslie!

  • Carmen J. Nazario:


    If you have been walking with Leslie for a while you know that each new workout she comes out with is just as great as the one before. If you have done Leslie before and have been slacking and need something fresh to remotivate you (that is me)this one is a great motivator. If you are new to Leslie what are you waiting for?

    I got this one in the mail yesterday and did 2 of the five miles last night. This morning I got up and did 3 of the 5 miles. This is a great one! Here is the breakdown. There are 5- 1 mile walks, each walk is 12 minutes. The first mile is just Leslie. Miles 2,3, and 4 have various walkers with her. The final mile is Leslie alone again. Each mile is 12 minutes and she does her boosted walking at the end, before the cool down. I personally LOVE the boosted walking! In the intro She suggests doing 1 mile before every meal. I just may have to try that! There is also a wonderful interview with one of her walkers at the end. It personally inspired me because she talks about her dad getting sick and that being her wake up call. I was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes. My father is a very uncontrolled (stubborn)diabetic who has lost one leg already and had a stroke. I am on a mission to NOT be my dad and hearing Nicole’s story was just the inspiration I needed to remind myself that I can be the healthiest diabetic I can possibly be. I plan to revisit her story whenever I need some insiration to just walk, walk, walk.

  • L. Immler:


    I can honestly say I am a Leslie Sansone veteran exerciser/expert since I own just about every walking video she has ever produced and work out to them often enought to have memorized all the routines. This is the one workout video I use more than any other for the following reasons …. 1) it’s a 5 miler with no breaks, which means I can get in an extra long workout in less time, 2) the jogging intervals means a greater calorie burn, 3) her usual clear cues are easy to follow 4) the music and her pep talk keeps you motivated to keep going without getting bored 5) because this is a walking/jogging workout, you can vary the intensity yourself depending on your own fitness and energy level.

    Leslie is my favorite video exercise instructor for so many reasons, but mainly because she’s such a likeable person and she makes all her workouts fun and non-intimidating or complicated. If you know how to walk, perform knee-ups, side step, perform grapevines, kick and jog, than you can do her workouts.

    This workout is divided into 5 X 1 mile segments. From the start menu, you can choose to do the entire workout or pick which mile to start from and go from there. Each mile ends with a 2 minute jogging interval and if you do the entire workout, you will have completed about 10 minutes of jogging. Leslie is by herself for miles 1 and 5 and has her walking buddies with her for miles 2 – 4. It should be noted for those long time Leslie fans, that a familiar face from Leslie’s workout video past joins the fun in miles 3 and 4 and that mystery person is Denise, who originally joined Leslie in her 3 Mile Fat Burning workout video that was released sometime around the mid – late 90s. I recognized her right away! Sadly, Mary Kay, Joanne, Linda and Carol are not in this video. I’ve noticed Leslie has been introducing new walking buddies in her newer videos and she has several newbies in this one too.

    Incidentally, because this workout is a super calorie blaster, I have found that by doing this workout often enough, I can have weekend splurges and still maintain my weight. Another plus! I hope Leslie will release more 5 milers. I love them most of all since the 4 milers are getting too easy for me.

  • Addicted to Excersize:


    I now have 11 of Leslie Sansone’s videos and I love every one of them. She often states that her workouts are not for sissies and that is very true but REALLY anyone can do them. You just set your own pace.I started working out with Leslie’s videos on April 1st, 2008. I weighed 240 lbs. It is now February 24th, 2009 and I am happy…no thrilled to tell you that I have walked away 83 lbs!!! I went from 2X to size 12. My goal is to lose 100 lbs and I know I will get there. When I started out I could barely get to the end of the 3 mile video. I’m up to 5 miles now and I love it! I’m hooked! What a great thing to be addicted to…excerize!!! Now here’s the best part….I’m 62..I’ll be 63 in just a few days and the young girls who work out with me can’t keep up!!! Please do yourself a huge favor and get started walking away the pounds today. Or just do it to be healthier. Either way, you come out a winner!!!

  • I am blessed:


    Keep sending us more like this, Leslie!! I have alot of her videos, and consider this one one of the best! I have walked off over 65 pounds with her in less than 7 months.

  • Streudel423:


    I have been a Leslie Sansone fan for many years and own lots of her videos; the 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk, by far, my favorite! I would definitely say that this video (if you do the entire thing) is geared to intermediate/advanced exercisers. If you are a beginner, consider just doing a mile or two and working up towards the whole workout.

    I loved the fact that the video breaks each mile down individually. The first and fifth mile have only Leslie leading. The second, third, and fourth mile include several other walkers and different music for each mile. I LOVE the music on this video more than any of the other videos. The miles are completed MUCH faster than Leslie’s other videos. I also believe this 5 mile workout goes by very quickly!

    EACH mile is 12-13 minutes and is roughly broken down as follows:

    -Approx. 5 min of moderate walking

    -Approx. 5 min of brisk/”power walking”

    -2 min of “boosted walking”

    The boosted walking is actually gentle jogging and “boosted” forms of kicks and knee lifts. Walkers have the option of joining Leslie with the boosted walking or just power walking. She insists that even if you are unable to do the higher impact version, lower impact is just fine.

    There really is no warm-up (even in the first segment), but there is a cool down at the end of the video that lasts 6 minutes. If you do the entire video, the workout will last 68 minutes.

    I would recommend this video especially to Leslie Sansone Veteran Walkers, but beginners can easily grow and advance as their fitness improves.

  • Pel:


    I have recently taken the decision to change my lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating and exercise in my routine. I am over 150lbs overweight at the moment and I was having a really hard time finding a workout regime that would keep my heart rate up without complicated moves or painful impacts on my joints.

    I was apprehensive trying this one because of its length and the reviews saying it’s more for intermediate walkers, but after trying it a couple of times, I can say I love it. I have been able to do the whole 5 miles at a time, keeping my heart rate up without having to concentrate on doing hard routines.

    Leslie is really encouraging throughout the video and the music is fun and easy to keep up with. There are only a couple of things that I disliked in the production of this video and that is the only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5. First, the music stops at intervals and it’s a bit awkward maintaining a pace for those few seconds – I may be picky but it just puts damper on the workout for me. Second, the sound production could have been better as Leslie’s claps and screeching of trainers can be heard on the hardwood floor. I suppose that could have been removed from the final piece.

    Other than that – really great. I worked up a sweat big time and was able to maintain my elevated heart rate without it being too hard for me to give up on. Really recommend it for those wanting to lose weight!

  • Elizabeth Garay:


    I love Leslie. I have been walking with her since 2002. I started out with her WATP with weighted balls. I now have a ton of her workouts.

    I filled out a survey quite awhile back and one day I got a package with 3 of her workouts to try! I probably own at least 30 of her walks so I was pretty excited.

    I recently had the chance to try 3 walks that will be sold in Select Target stores starting April 5th. There will be a total of 6 workouts each comes with a booster.

    Belly, Buns and Thighs slim down comes with the fit cuffs. It is a 3 mile walk that made me sweat more than some of her other walks.

    Walk Off 10 Pounds is a fast 3 mile walk with a 14 day meal plan and a pedometer It has a couple of new moves in it and I did enjoy this walk a lot.Leslie has a segment in this where she cooks a simple breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    My favorite one of all is called Punch Up Your Walk. It is a 4 mile walk with weighted gloves. I loved the gloves. I have some of her walks where you hold weights while walking. The gloves velcro onto your hands and around the thumb and stay on without you having to grip them through the walk. There are some new moves in this walk as well. In one you step forward, and punch, it took me a minute to get it but once I did I really enjoyed it.

    Last Friday I went to my Target and bought the other 3 workouts in the series. They are amazing. Each walk comes with a Booster like the other 3 and are just as intense.

    The 5 Mile Fat Burner comes with 2 stretchies which she uses throughout the walk. Let me just say, 2 stretchies was pretty tough. If you aren’t an advanced walker then you should use one at first. This walk wore me out!

    Walk Your Way Thin comes with a weighted belt that you wear while you walk. I was impressed with how much it boosted the walks. There are 2, 2 mile walks. One is classic Leslie and the other is a faster pace. I loved both walks but the faster one is my favorite.

    The Three Mile Calorie Blast is just that. It comes with a walk belt, I have a couple already but they don’t last forever so I was happy about that. It is a solid 3 miler with a few new moves in it. I really felt this in my back and arms the next day. One of the new moves she uses works your back muscles!

    One thing that I loved most about these walks is that Leslie is spot on with her cuing. She chats as always but it is encouraging and it actually kept me motivated when I started getting a little tired toward the end of the walks. I have done all the workouts and I did not catch one mistake.

    Unfortunately these walks are only at a few hundred Targets nationwide. I am putting a link so you can see if your Target is carrying them. There is a coupon included. http://www.walkathome.com/associates/target/ I hope that Target puts them on their website at some point so everyone can get them.

    I don’t write reviews often but these are some of Leslie’s best work.

  • Dominique W:


    I have to admit, I was not always nice about Leslie Sansone’s walk dvd’s. The last two DVD’s that I tried, had me warming up to her. This one has pushed me over. I’m officially a fan.

    What is wonderful about the DVD’s overall is that there is now literally something for everyone. This DVD is on a more advanced level than any of the previous workouts that I tried. Leslie will teach you to ‘walk like a runner’.

    The DVD allows the walker to choose a specific mile (like mile #1…#2…whatnot) or the entire workout. This DVD does not use any bands, walk belts,weights or props. Each mile is 12 minutes long with the last two minutes featuring a “boost” walk. I love it!!

    The miles go quicker than in previous videos because of the variety of movements. And the boost portion of the walk flies by.

    Tap-outs are part of this routine and allows muscles to be worked that the previous DVD’s I watched did not include. The Grapevine is back-one of my favorites.

    Each mile has a different group of walkers. Leslie is solo in miles 1 and 5. I liked that the walkers looked like regular, normal, people. Each at different fitness levels. There is always someone to watch to bump the workout up or down.

    Leslie continues to be positive and encouraging throughout the DVD. She does not appear “fake” as I’ve accused her of in other workouts. Not so much chat. More focus is on the workout but there is enough encouragement to pull walkers through any difficult spots.

    There is not an option on this DVD for music only. I didn’t need this option for this workout. It was perfect the way it was.

    I’ve read some complaints about ‘cheesy’ music. Here is my take on this. When I’m doing the DVD’s at home, I know I’m walking a 5mph pace. The music gets stuck in my head as I walk that pace. When I walk outside, I can recall the music and know that I am still walking a 5mph pace. So, the music is a hidden advantage. The music is a bit better on this DVD though.

    Overall, I love this DVD. It is a great workout. It is challenging and there are also things that can increase the challenge in the future. The only improvement would be to have the stretch as a menu option. That way, if I’m not going to be using the entire workout, I can still get to the stretch quickly.

    I highly recommend this DVD to anyone looking for a challenge walk!