Anti-Aging Skin Care Guide

The older we get, the more we need an anti-aging skin care guide.  Today’s world is full of pollutants that damage the skin from without.  And yet, we also damage our skin from within — the food we feed our bodies.

We have a guest today, Giselda Marcua.  She’s graciously written the post so that we can find out more about why some skin care treatments work and some don’t.  She’ll be focusing on the “without” aspect — what we put on our skins.  Giselda — you’re on!

Cosmetic Companies and Anti-Aging Skin

The anti-aging skin care guide in general comes from a cosmetic company. People are inclined to think that they are honest and they are likely to believe in their anti aging skin care treatment, but the companies are mainly interested in selling their product.

One of the best anti-aging skin care guides that I came across was created by a dermatologist. The original was not easy to understand, so I’ll give you an abbreviated version and cover the highlights.

From a Dermatologist’s Point of View

It’s not easy for the novice in the field to grasp some of the terms in the dermatologist’s guide, but the antiaging skin care treatment that he recommended actually made absolute sense. It does not contain recommendations like the ones you are likely to see on TV or at the cosmetic counter, but it stresses the importance of taking care of the skin’s health, and the end result would be the prevention of skin related problem and an improved look.

It seems logical that a dermatologist would write an anti aging skin care guide, but in reality that is unusual. They don’t regularly believe that a topically applied anti aging skin care treatment can have a positive result. Like most doctors, they usually believe in injections, drugs and other more mainstream medical solutions.

But One Doctor Didn’t

A doctor named Albert Kligman believed that if you take care of the outermost of the skin’s layers, then the health of the inner layers will be protected. He recommended different treatments for different conditions.

But, for each ingredient, he believed that the manufacturing process should be very specific, or the product would be ineffective. That’s why you often find anti aging skin care treatment that is ineffective. The ingredients may be right, but the manufacturing process is wrong.

Active Ingredients in Anti-Aging Skin

One of the ingredients that Dr.Kligman recommended in his anti aging skin care guide was peptides. They are tiny fragments of amino acid proteins found in the skin. One is hyaluronic acid. Another important one is keratin.

Some companies have pursued the use of keratin, but the peptide chains were surrendered inactive by the manufacturer’s incapacity to perform the process. Exclusively “Functional Keratin”, contains active peptide chains and stimulates production of collagen. Functional Keratin, which is created using a patented process, has the ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and performs the task from the outside layers towards the inside layers of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to increase firmness of the skin, but it is rapidly destroyed during an enzymatic process that occurs in the skin’s layers. The best anti-aging skin care treatment contains an extract from Japanese kelp that blocks the enzymatic process, and consequently evens of hyaluronic acid normal rise.

Another ingredient recommended was grape seed extract, because they are free radical scavengers. Grape seed oil is also an effective moisturizer and creates an invisible layer that keeps in moisture. Moist skin has less of a tendency to crack and wrinkle.

For an anti aging skin care treatment, the use of special composites that change the reflection of the light, lets the consumer to see instant results. That suggestion was mainly oriented to affect the disposition of the consumer, because many people become unhappy with their appearance.

Functional Keratin has demonstrated to have the ability to reflect the light, but there are two main reasons why it is a better choice. First, it improves the skin’s health and second it is not just a cosmetic like other compounds. A complete anti aging skin care guide would be extensive and include a lot more information, yet this can be sufficient information to lead you in the right direction.

About the Author:
Giselda Marcua is passionate about natural anti aging skin care products. For more skin care tips and trends on effective anti aging skin care treatments and how to defy wrinkles, visit her web site Natural Beautiful Skin. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this box is kept unchanged.

Thank you so very  much, Giselda, for this fascinating information on the skin we’re in!  And you know, what she said makes sense.  Think about what she said about the ingredient being right but the manufaturing wrong? 

I’m thinking of bread yeast here; if it’s inactive (bad manufacturing that killed the yeast), the bread won’t rise.  Doesn’t matter how much your pour in, it won’t do any good.

Of course, I also believe that any anti-aging skin care has a lot to do with what we put into our bodies; we can’t expect sugar, chemical additives and who knows what to be good for our skin!  So think about that when you yearn for a sweet; don’t you want to love the skin you’re in?

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