Vanilla Aromatherapy Candles and Dieting

Just what do vanilla aromatherapy candles have to do with dieting?  Actually a fair amount!

I like aromatherapy, so I look for more ideas on using it from time to time.  I came across an article the other day which linked using vanilla aromatherapy with dieting success.  Naturally intrigued, I had to read more!

The gist of the study (performed by St. George’s Hospital in London) was this:  the vanilla scent (used as skin patches)  soothed and relaxed and made the test subjects less likely to snack on sweet foods.  Fewer sweet foods caused fewer blood sugar swings.  Fewer blood sugar swings reduced cravings.

See where I’m going with this?  By not giving into cravings, the subjects ate less and took in fewer calories.  And with the fewer calories came weight loss!

OK, so in the study they used true vanilla aromatherapy (i.e. with essential oils).  I love the scent of vanilla (yum!) but most essential oils don’t have a really good scent life once they are out of the bottle.  And vanilla isn’t exactly inexpensive as essential oils go.

So, my idea of using vanilla aromatherapy candles! 

The only catch — you need candles that come with an authentic scent, and not mixed with other flower or fruit aromas.  I know, they are hard to find, but they are out there!  (I found a good source, so leave a comment if you want more info.)

So, will you try vanilla-scented aromatherapy candles?  I sure am — I’ll take any help I can get, when it comes to dieting and weight loss!

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